About the NorCal Theatre Organ Society

The Organizations

The American Theatre Organ Society, also known as ATOS, is a National organization. The NorCal Theatre Organ Society is a chapter of ATOS. 

ATOS and Nor-Cal are dedicated to promoting the tradition  of the theatre pipe organ and public understanding and appreciation of the instrument and its music, and shall aid in any way possible the preservation  of theatre organs through rehabilitation of instruments and fostering the  arts of playing, building, voicing, and maintenance. Both organizations are non-profit public educational corporations under IRS Section 501(c)(3).

Board Members, Officers, and Chairmen

The following five members are on our Board of Directors:

Rudy Frey - Chairman

Chris Boras - Vice Chairman

Art Woodworth - Secratery

Ted Hubbard - Treasurer

Neal Wood

The following members are in charge of some of NorCal's functions.

Neal Wood - Membership Chairman

Gordon Pratt - Program Chairman

Art Woodworth - Windsheet Editor

Chris Nichols - Webmaster


Membership in ATOS, the national organization, includes a subscription to Theatre Organ magazine, the journal of the American Theatre  Organ Society. If you wish to attend the annual National ATOS convention,  you must be a member of the National organization. 

Membership in the NorCal Chapter of ATOS includes a subscription  to The Windsheet, our news letter, which contains various articles  related to the theatre organ and notice of upcoming chapter and area theatre  organ events. Chapter membership also includes the privilege of playing the chapter Wurlitzer organ at the Berkeley Community Theatre at Open Console  sessions which are held almost every month. Chapter membership includes your spouse/significant other and children under 18 if applicable.

We hope you will join us to help preserve and enjoy these  great instruments. Yearly dues are $50 for ATOS and $20 for NorCal. It is not required that you join ATOS to become a member of NorCal, but it is highly recommended. If you join both NorCal and ATOS you may submit the entire amount to us and we will forward your membership information and payment to ATOS.

Joining and Contacting NorCal
There are several ways you can join NorCal or get further  information: 

  1. You can download the membership  form (see below), print it,  fill it in, and mail it with a check made payable to “Nor-Cal  TOS”. The address is on the form.
  2. You can join over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard. To do this please  send us a note (see below) letting us know that you are interested in joining and give us your name and phone number. If there are certain times you would like us to call, please let us know. Someone will contact you soon.
  3. If you attend one of our concerts, download the membership form (see below), print it, fill it in and bring it with you. The person selling tickets will be able to assist you and you can pay with cash, check, or with a Visa or Mastercard.
  4. To get further information send us a note (see bellow) with your inquiry. If you would like someone to call you, please give us your phone number.

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