Swell Shutters


Bill Schlotter inside the Solo chamber. This is how we originally installed the shutter assemblies. The tops of the assemblies are not at the ceiling of the chamber.  They could not be extended upward because the ceiling of the tone chute outside the chambers is at the top of these assemblies.


This is the Solo chamber, which was the first one to be converted. This was the beginning of the swell shade project. This picture was taken from the catwalk in the tone chute outside the chambers. Most of the shutters from the right set have been removed. The wood trough along the bottom of the shutter assemblies holds the wiring for all the chambers. The trough and the wall immediately below it will be removed so the shutters may go all the way down to the chamber floor. At the far right of the wood trough you can see the end of the large conduit (some wind line) which carries all the wiring into the relay room. The vertical wind lines at each end of the picture were connected to the two halves of the Marimba/Harp. Al Sefl is wondering just what he has gotten himself into.  


This is still the Solo chamber. The wall at the bottom has been removed. The frames for the shutter assemblies have been installed. The new shutters are being installed by (left to right) Kevin King, Harold Soderstrom, and Chris Nichols. The cables will eventually be routed through hangers just below the new shutter assemblies.  


Bill Schlotter next to one of the new shutter assemblies after it had been erected and tested at stage level. The next thing we did was disassemble it, haul all the pieces up 55' to chamber level, and then install it in the front of the chamber (winding and wiring were not optional).