The 32' Wood Diaphones


 Bill Schlotter next to the 32' Wood Diaphones.  Notice the trap doors at the top of the resonators. These allow each pipe to produce two notes. The large pneumatics which open the trap doors are located on each pipe about a foot above Bill's head. To the left of the pipes are a blower and two regulators. One regulator is for the Diaphones and the other is for the trap door pneumatics. Steel airplane cable is connected between the pneumatics and the trap doors. We originally tried clothes line, but it stretched instead of opening the trap doors. The resonator for low C (to the right of Bill) weighs approximately 800 pounds. Wurlitzer produced four different scales of 32' Diaphones, these are the smallest scale. They only produced two sets of these six pipe Diaphones. This set is from the style 260 Wurlitzer in the UA Theatre in Detroit. The other was in the UA Theatre in L.A.