The Perfound (center) Chamber


Perfound (center) chamber. Ranks from the front of the chamber to the rear of the chamber (right to left) on two 3 rank chests, 

  1. Musette
  2. Lieblich Flute
  3. Cor Anglais
  4. French Horn
  5. Viola Diapason
  6. Tromba


Left to right, Rudy Frey, Bill Schlotter, and Judson Owens in front of the 16' Bombards in the Perfound (center) chamber. When this picture was taken, the Bombards were the only part of the organ in the chamber.  


The manual chest of the Tibia Plena in the Perfound (center) chamber.. The 4' is on an offset shown above the manual chest. The 8' and 16' pipes are on offsets located on the piano shelf one floor down.  


The refurbished toy counter is being reassembled.  


The Chinese Gong, and just to the right and behind it, the Malaysian Cymbal.  The tower containing the 49 note xylophone, glockenspiel, and toy counter is immediately to the right of the large cymbals.  The dark vertical item at the right of the picture is the wind line which enters the chamber through the ceiling.  


The Large Metal Diaphone in the Perfound (center) chamber. This is called the 16' Tuba Diaphone on the pedal stop rail and is installed as the 16' extension of the Open Diapason. The shutter opening is to the left.  Immediately to the left of the pipes is the percussion tower.  


 The colors indicate the trems. All ranks with the same color are on the same trem. No color indicates not tremmed.