The NorCal Wurlitzer is installed at the Berkeley Community Theatre  in Berkeley, California. The Theatre has 3,500 seats; a 53' wide orchestra  pit mounted on a lift; a large and well equipped stage; dual arc sound  projectors which can run at silent speed; dual Strong Super Trooper arc  follow spots; and three organ chambers located over the proscenium arch  55 feet above the stage floor.

The basis for the organ came from the Paramount Theatre in Toledo, Ohio  and was donated to NorCal. It was a model Publix I with 20 ranks of pipes.  The organ has been expanded to 41 ranks.   In addition to the original  "Spanish-Mediterranean" style console from Toledo, we also acquired the art deco  console from the Center Theatre in Rockefeller Center, New York City, which looks  like the one in Radio City Music Hall, except that it was finished in walnut.   It has 364 stop tabs.  While it was being refinished it was discovered that  the veneer was not walnut, but rosewood stained to look like walnut.  The  finish has been restored to rosewood. Both consoles have pneumatic stop tab actions.    The relay was replaced with a Devtronix relay. This has been subsequently  upgraded to the newer UniFlex system.