This and the following picture were taken in 1986 when the organ was unloaded from the semi and a panel truck and brought onto the stage in the theatre. 


Now all we have to do is refurbish everything, carry it up 55 feet to the chambers, erect it, wind it, wire it, debug it, and voice it. Why didn't I take up the harmonica???  


This is a photo from the Berkeley Community Theatre archives.  The back wall of the stage house is to the right.  About half way up the picture you can see a horizontal black line.  That is the balcony on which the 32' Diaphones are mounted.  It is approximately 32' off the stage floor.  For those with dance experience, the stage is a "sprung" stage. 


This is a genuine Hope-Jones weight.  It is about 18" long and weighs 25 pounds. The chest it is sitting on is in the Solo and is part of the 8' offset of the Tuba Mirabilis.